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Narco´s cover of peruvian old school punk band named Los Saicos. The video has been created by La Balacera and has a few collabs of several artists of the spanish graffiti scene.


First clip of the album “Versiones para no dormir”. The song is a cover of the barcelonian gothic-punk band “Eyaculación post-mortem” (post-mortem eyaculation). It has been produced by La Balacera in collaboration with Lagrima Studio. The video tells the story of a very particular character that assist to a Narco gig. Take a look here:


The old friendship that exists in between Narco and the sevillian punk-rock band Reincidentes made them get into the studio and record six songs in which each band plays three songs of the other. After releasing the E.P., that was called “La Sevilla del Diablo”, they made a little tour and a videoclip. Watch it here:

STARS IN THE CHEST (Dub Elements rmx)

Narco was the first hardrock band in Spain in releasing a remixed album working with Electronic artists all around the country. The Project was called “La Rave del Infierno” (Hell´s rave) and the song chosen for the videoclip was “Estrellas en el pecho” with the sevillian bass duo Dub Elements. La Balacera made the video:


“Hace falta una guerra” (We need a war) was the first song written by Narco after the disappearance of the band in 2003. Though this was the first song they made in this new stage it was the last in being released (as a bonus track in the special edition of “Alita de Mosca”). The clip is the first work of La Balacera productions, the audiovisual company formed by Narco members.


In this video we can enjoy a Narco´s old song called “Seke-6” live in Sala Custom (Sevilla) in 2008. In the video we can watch the performance of the bodymod artist Dani Blood and the suport and additional lyrics of Bifu of the extreme metal band Terror H.


“El atraco” (The robbery) was the first single of Narco´s fourth album “Registro de Penados y Rebeldes”. The video was made by Rómulo Aguillaume and it tells the story of a dangerous robbery where the members of Narco are the main characters.


“Ambiente Cadáver” (deadly environment) was the first videoclip in the history of Narco. The song is inspired in a spanish serial killer known as “El mendigo asesino” (homeless killer), a crazy redneck that killed and ate eleven poor people in the eighties.  After the filming the director Tinieblas González told the musicians that he will never work with the band again..